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Enhanced practice for relaxation, well-being, and the cultivation of inner peace.

Ganja Yoga isn't just yoga-plus-cannabis. Ganja Yoga with me is about Mindfulness, or the inner mental work of yoga; Freedom, or your ability to move your body in the unique way it needs; and Alignment, so you can enjoy a safe practice for years to come. 

+ Slow yoga classes, designed for any body and any level of experience with yoga or cannabis.

+ Our community of regulars are all friendly, incredible people, and our twice-weekly classes always have a good mix of first-timers and regulars.

$30 class includes an all levels meditative yoga practice enhanced with sun grown organic flower, C02 vape pens or paleo edibles.

+ Wednesday All Levels "Smoke and Stretch" near Civic Center BART. Register here

+ Thursday All Levels "Vape Restorative" near Powell Station BART. Register here





“Do I have to use cannabis at Ganja Yoga?”
Yoga is great, altered or not. Sometimes students feel like using ganja to enhance their practice, and other times, having a yoga practice without ganja feels better. It’s always up to you. 

“How much ganja should I consume for this practice?"
First-timers to Ganja Yoga or yoga in general should consume less cannabis than they usually do, so the experience of yoga is enhanced. Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different.

“Is it safe? What if I haven’t done yoga before”
Yes. We’re not going to get into an altered state of consciousness then show off our arm balances. Ganja Yoga is about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself. Most of the time our eyes are all closed, so it’s about relaxing in an introverted way, without caring what others are doing. 

I am a certified hatha yoga teacher with twenty years of practice. Since 2009, I've taught Ganja Yoga to thousands of students in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Vancouver, Portland, Costa Rica, and my home-town of Toronto.

Yoga injuries are sadly far too common, and having suffered one myself, I strive to ensure my students' bodies are kept safe in all of my classes. More than that, I empower my students to take responsibility for themselves, and to chill the F out. :)

"Extremely relaxing practice and incorporates a sense of community and body consciousness that I've never experienced in all my years as a yogi. Plus, I've never slept so well!" ~ Michael


Private Sessions

~ Prices below are for one hour, for 1-2 people. Sessions are 2-3 hours long. 
Inquire for classes for groups of 3 or more & corporate yoga (I'm trained in workplace wellness!). 

Two SF Locations: Mission/Dolores or SOMA, SF, or I'll come to you for a small travel fee.

Day sessions: Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm
Evenings: 4-9pm
Weekends: 11am-6pm
Premium Weekend: 6pm-10pm  
~ 5 & 10-Session passes available! (6 month expiry)

~ Those seeking consulting on starting your own Ganja Yoga classes, email for rates and upcoming Yoga Teacher Training.

My rates subsidize those who can't afford them: I offer two sliding-scale daytime sessions per week for those in need.
Email to inquire. 

1. Hatha Yoga & GANJA YOGA

I specialize in helping my students cultivate compassionate mindfulness of the body and mind and creating a space for deep relaxation. I help people drop expectations about "yoga." 

My approach is holistic, gentle, and welcoming, whatever your experience level.

My specialty is working with beginners, elderly, larger-bodied students, or anyone who is otherwise uncomfortable or dissatisfied by fitness-obsessed yoga studio environments.

A lot of my students like coming to me simply because my classes have the mental and spiritual component that is missing from many conventional classes. Plus, I'm a body-safety nerd. Sorry in advance but it's for your own good ; ) 

Singles, couples, and groups of friends or coworkers book me for private relaxation gatherings, enhanced with cannabis or not. You must bring your own cannabis if you wish to consume it. Clothing-optional yoga is available for women.

Days: $120/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $160/hr
Weekend Premium: $175/hr


Tantra Yoga is a holistic spiritual system that connects our sexual and spiritual selves for integration, healing, joy, and power. 

Sexy-Flex, my expression of Tantra, allows you a comfortable, yogic, non-sexual environment to explore the potency of your sex and love energy.

Tailored to your experience level, the customized experience can include postures and practices to bring new energy into your love-making, and life in general.

What appeals? 

* Fun sexy mobility exercises for the hips so more energy can flow through
* Yoga to increase the intelligence and sensitivity of the pelvic floor
* Traditional tantra yoga chakra work to inspire healing and development
* Ecstasy breathing to raise and release sexual energy and heal blockages

~ Sessions are clothing-on for men and clothing-optional for women and couples. Please inquire. 

Days: $160/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $185/hr
Weekend Premium: $200/hr

3. Sexuality & Intimacy Coaching

Coaching for one or two. Whether you want to learn new ways to bring pleasure to your partner, how to ask for what you want sexually, or learn ways to sustain mutual love and sexual passion for a lifetime, - I'm here to help. 

I offer talk-style coaching on any aspect of sexuality and relationships, and a tool-box of intimacy and sensuality-enhancing exercises designed to increase your capacity for connection. If there are two of you, things like like partner yoga for love (easy stuff. Not "acro-yoga"), PG-touch practices, communication techniques, and Sexy Flex Yoga. If you're coming alone it will be more tapping into your own sexuality than exploring and sharing it with another. 

Take your relationship with your sexuality to a deeper, more rewarding level, whether you are partnered or single. 

Sessions provide an opportunity to examine wounds, expectations, habitual patterns and blocks that limit fully embodied sexuality, while providing tools to open to your most authentic, joyful way of relating to the world.

I have helped hundreds of singles and couples deepen their capacity for pleasure, intimacy, relaxation, and sexual fulfillment.

While there is no genital work in my sessions, I can provide coaching on genital-related challenges and concerns.

Days: $160/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $185/hr
Weekend Premium: $200/hr

4. Meditative Loving Touch

In these bodywork sessions, I use the intimacies of sacred, sensual, and relaxing touch to move you into a receptive experience of love. 

I offer skillful and intuitive bodywork, deep presence, breathing techniques, and visualizations to deepen your experience of receiving sensual pleasure.

The end result is an experience of deep self-love and self-acceptance, heightened pleasure, relaxation, and sacred-sexual vitality.

Let go of conditioning about what a 'sensual' experience is, and receive a nurturing and full-body experience of your energy as it builds, crests, ebbs and flows, rests, and remains, all in an intuitive dance that is sensually enlivening and deeply revitalizing. 

The non-genital focus of these Tantric massages brings consciousness and deeper sensitivity to the whole body, so that every inch of skin can become a sensitive, fully alive erogenous zone; every pleasurable sensation a prayer.

 By bringing consciousness out of our heads and sexuality out of the genitals, we fill and fuel the whole body, engendering wholeness, ecstatic relaxation, and peaceful vitality. 

These sessions are great for:
~ one person to receive
~ A couple, where one learns how to give. 
+ Add an additional (male or female) bodyworker (1 or 2 people receiving), for $150/hr. 

Days: $250/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $400/hr
Weekend Premium: $450/hr



I help people find their bliss through relaxation, mindfulness, and sensuality. 

I am the creator of Ganja Yoga, a yoga practitioner of twenty-two years, and an international speaker. My classes been profiled in the New York Times and many other publications.

I was the first yoga teacher outside of ancient India to offer public cannabis-enhanced yoga, and one of the first naked yoga instructors in North America. My clients know me for being playful and accepting, deeply-spiritual while solidly down to earth. 

I've taught thousands of couples and singles in the Bay Area, Portland, Toronto, Vancouver, Black Rock City (Burning Man), Copenhagen, and Costa Rica, – helping them to connect to their radiant embodied selves.

I carry an honors degree in Sexuality Studies, and an additional Sexuality Certificate. I’ve attended relationship counseling trainings with both Harville Hendrix’ Imago System and Interchange Counseling. My yoga training was with Ananda Shakti, of Sananda Yoga in Toronto, in the tantric tradition of Swami Satyananda of Bihar, India. It is a 500-hour Yoga-Alliance certified certificate. I am also trained in workplace wellness, stress-reduction and relaxation for the office place. 

I have several hundreds of hours of attendance at trainings and personal development workshops, with thousands more on personal exploration and journeying. As a result of this experience, I now love to take care of people and help them to feel comfortable as they explore and expand, - in relaxation, sex energy, cannabis consciousness, touch, or  some combination

I love teaching tantra as a body, mind, and spirit practice, with equal emphasis on all three. I think yoga has been overly desexualized, and tantra overly sexualized, both as marketing tactics that do not serve us. 

I teach a sensual, mindful, relaxation-based yoga, and offer coaching and bodywork experience and instruction from this realm.

Whether cannabis-enhanced or sober, talk therapy or somatic, pragmatic aims or spiritual, I love creating customized private experiences and classes for bliss. 

When not writing and teaching, I spend a lot of time enjoying nature, my husband, and practicing what I preach!

Press & SOCIAL

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Dee is a sensitive and skillful guide through the mysterious labyrinth of one’s spiritual-sexuality. She provides a safe and relaxing space in which to discover and integrate the many facets of one’s sensuality and consciousness. To be able to openly explore these things in relationship is a rare and much-welcome addition to the often de-spiritualized and de-sexualized practices of yoga. Dee is reviving yoga’s tantric roots and returning to the modern practitioner the wisdom of the sensual body. - Scott Petrie, author of Yoga 2.0

I've never gotten deeper into feeling the connection between the body and the earth than at one of Dee's sessions. - A C Lewis

Dee's factual and tacit knowledge and teaching of yoga takes the practice far beyond anything I'd ever expected. Her yoga instruction is at the same time highly detailed and open to personal interpretation. With other instructors my awareness would revolve around whether I was doing the postures correctly or incorrectly. With Dee, my focus hovers around whether I am doing my own personal best version of any given posture in the moment. - Tanya

Dee is an inspiration. As soon as I walked into the studio I felt welcomed and at peace. It was by far the best class I have taken in the city. I will be back next week! - Sarah

Having done yoga all over the world with many instructors I can say that a Class with Dee would rank number 1 for me. Her instruction is clear and easy to follow. I felt easy and relaxed in the class and left feeling refreshed.- Andrew McGregor

I really enjoyed working with Dee this past few months. I had two privates with her to focus on my goals of reconnecting to my pelvis, my sexuality, my entire being, and with men, in more sacred ways. Then we brought my partner into it and had a great time applying the methods that she tailored for me/us. I'm in awe at how far I've progressed. I reconnected with my orgasm in several different ways, meaning different types of orgasms to play with, and my response and sensitivity is higher. I see new possibilities for sacred and sexual connection to myself and my partner and can't wait to learn and practice even more. - Avi

What a comfy, relaxing, welcoming studio and what an excellent leader Dee is! I drove all the way from Novato to attend a session! It did my body and soul good to be there and I'm certain it will the next time as well! - Heinz

I am personally a huge fan of Dee's class; she creates a space of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, and helps you reconnect to your body and breath. Every week she brings together a powerful community of like-minded ganja yogis and healers into the Merchants of Reality space and it feels special to experience this unique slice of San Francisco culture. - Rachel

This is one of the best experiences during my week. Ganja Yoga sets my week in a beautiful tone of relaxation, physical awareness, ganja and community. Dee is an incredible guide and the art gallery always has such great art up in the space. - Oliver

Dee is a compassionate and perceptive yoga instructor who is able to understand my readiness as a student so that I learn at a pace that stretches my capacity without injury. She is also wise in matters of the progress of spiritual awakening. She is my teacher in many things. - Terry Walker

Well, I am following your advice, deep breaths and expanding the energy to my whole body and focusing on my partner's needs.. so far it is working. I'm lasting more than the usual and my wife is having at least 3 or 4 orgasms before me... My confidence is way better. - Ramiro

Dee's approach to what she does is truly revolutionary, and even being in her presence is healing. She inspires me to live my bliss, enjoy my body and celebrate the amazing journey of life. - Cora

Not only does Dee love what she is doing and emanate this bliss in her classes,she is naturally attuned to the needs of her students, leading them into a new level of breath and alignment - all done effortlessly, seamlessly, while maintaining the joy inherent in following one's bliss. She is a pleasure to enter Hatha space with...I've loved every minute. - Melanie Ollenberg

As a complete newbie/beginner with no prior experience in practicing yoga, I was nervous, intimidated and excited at the same time. Dee is an awesome instructor and instantly calmed my nerves as she enjoys working with people of all levels (especially beginners). Dee is a very warm, inviting and kind-hearted woman, who has a genuine passion for yoga and passing her knowledge that she has attained throughout her years. - William

I had never done Hatha yoga before, and I'm glad I waited till I found Dee. She really is the very best. She's friendly, compassionate, and her classes are full of fun people. Dee's classes are an unforgettable experience, no matter what you're looking for. I "highly" recommend! - Mike R.

Dee is a guide, not an instructor or teacher. I am one of the directors of the non-profit Merchants of Reality and this is exactly what we want to have in our space as far as innovation and experiential art in all its forms. I take the class regularly and love the art that is made in the infinite moments. - Allen

Dee is an incredible yogi on the frontline of a new innovative yoga practice here in San Francisco! The experience is a must for anyone interested in connecting deeper with their self and others.. It is a beautiful, safe, and incompatible yoga experience. I highly recommend trying a class! - Frankie G.

My session began with a warm welcome and finished with an incredibly sensual and energy charged erotic massage. It’s hard to describe my time with Dee in a sentence or two but I can say that I experienced pleasures I’ve rarely felt before. I can’t wait to see her again. - Carlos

Dee provides the best fusion of worlds with her ganja yoga experience. The class is ideal for people familiar with reducing stress with cannabis, who are seeking an introduction to more options for holistic healing and relaxation. To those experienced yogis, it is a restorative relaxing class with a friendly collaborative vibe not seen in most traditional yoga settings. I look forward to her ganja yoga classes, and am always glad I took the time to attend. - Ramona

Every time I finish a class I see the world differently and have much more perspective than usual. Dee is an amazing, empathic and generous teacher and I would and have recommended her to others. - Claire

Dee is an incredible healer. My first experience with Dee was in a group setting as she guided 200+ people in Tantric Meditation. She really held the space and connected with her audience in such a way that allowed everyone to get deep into their own practice, and in turn, leave feeling alive, rejuvenated, and equipped with new tools to deepen their own practice. Since then I have had one private session with her alongside my partner where we dove deeper breath work/Tantra. We left feeling, safe, accepted, inspired, blissful. Looking forward to our next session! - Amy

The guided meditation at the conclusion was expertly done, and it put me in a positive space for the rest of the night. - Michael H.

 Dee brings enthusiasm and groundedness to her specialties of tantric yoga, sacred sexuality, nude yoga and ganja yoga. Her practice and personality is rooted in both spirituality and an intelligent grasp of science and academia. As a spiritual academic, I appreciate knowing the "why" to balance my own practice and teaching. Dee's intelligence, easy-going sexuality and blissed out vibes make her one of my favorite yoga teachers to practice with and learn from! - Nicole Carlin

Dee's Ganja Yoga classes are among my favorite San Francisco activities. As someone who was new to yoga, but not ganja, I felt very welcome from day one. Dee's classes foster the perfect environment for those who seek to explore the benefits of yoga and ganja, whether you are new to both activities or experienced. The classes bring a diverse group of warm, caring people to attendance and upon leaving each class I feel immensely relaxed and ready to take on my week. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to find peace of both body and mind! - Phil

When I first heard about Dee's practice, I was curious but also skeptical. When I meet Dee, I found a really grounded, loving, awesome person with an approach that I could totally respect. She is extremely knowledgeable and I found that a practice with her could go in a lot of directions. During yoga I was not only able to go into a much deeper relaxation, I also felt completely comfortable with Dee and her guidance and acceptance with my own body. I left feeling better and more awesome than I had a long long time. Adding ganja adds a whole dimension and I'm excited to explore more with Dee! - Praveen

Dee provides an inviting and nurturing space for meditation and asana with sacraments that make this practice not merely an exercise routine but genuine, an introduction to our mutual divinity. Namaste. - Mike

Dee was phenomenal in making me and the group I was with very comfortable. Her demeanor was gentle, but she had a powerful confidence in her teaching with an obvious acceptance of where each of us was with our level of experience and comfort. Although the group seemed to vary greatly in their levels of experience, Dee made everyone feel so welcome and so at ease, as she introduced me to some fantastic techniques. And what was most impressive about Dee was her ability to communicate to the group a way to truly be be aware of our bodies, and then make us feel empowered and joyful for the understanding we developed. Dee's instruction provided a natural high unlike I had ever felt before, and it was her instruction that has led me (a previous skeptic and avoider of yoga) to really want to pursue the practice of yoga on a deeper level. I cannot recommend her highly enough. - Matt

Dee is an incredible teacher and allows you to really make the most of your experience no matter what fitness level. She is expert at meditation/visualization techniques. She is friendly, knowledgable, and fun. Ganja yoga is such a unique and relaxing experience. Dee is an amazing instructor and I always look forward to any of her classes. - Amy Z.

I recently attended my first Ganja Yoga class with Dee. It was wonderful! Everybody was very welcoming, and the vibe was laid back and friendly. The class was slow and mellow, but I still felt stretched out afterwards. The final meditation is wonderful, I left class feeling very relaxed. This class is a welcome change from the pretentious and fast paced classes found elsewhere in the city. ” - Tanya

Ganja Yoga clears the mind and relaxes the body with the perfect blend of socialising, medicating and stretching. It is a must try for anyone in search of unique experiences but be aware that once you have been to the studio, you might get hooked. Beautiful artwork lines the walls and the staff and patrons are very friendly, would definitely go again! - Robert LeMeur

For Valentine's Day, my partner and I celebrated by getting a couple's Tantric session with Dee. It was delightful and did our relationship much good. We are great with each other normally. But the session really helped us dive deeper, connect deeper, and release into each other. I can still remember the feeling months later as I write this. Dee is super cool in how she facilitates the session. I highly recommend her. I like her business name Exquisite Bliss. It feels so right on. - Mai

Ganja Yoga is a wonderful experience. Signing up I was a complete beginner to yoga, but Dee and the entire community that she is growing, were extremely welcoming, and helpful. Each week I look forward to the time that I get to spend in class. It is a great way to set aside all the stress of everyday life, and take the time to relax, recharge, and refresh. Dee is a wonderful instructor, who makes me feel comfortable with my beginner level, as well as providing more challenging variations for the non-beginners. - MG

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