Private Sessions

* Prices are listed by the hour, for 1-2 people. (Inquire for classes for groups).
* Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours long.

Rate Key:
* Day sessions: Mon-Fri, 11am-4pm (+ skype/phone any time)
* Evenings: 4pm-9pm/ Weekends: 11am-6pm
* Premium Weekend: 6pm-10pm

1. Hatha Yoga

My passion is creating a space for deep relaxation while making fun, useful movements available to all people regardless of fitness or experience level. A lot of my students like coming to me simply because my classes have the meditative component.

Singles, couples, and groups of friends or coworkers book me for private relaxation gatherings, enhanced with cannabis or not. I'm also available to reach for your event, and provide education about cannabis.

Days: $120/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $160/hr
Weekend Premium: $175/hr


Tantra Yoga is a holistic system that connects our sexual and spiritual selves, for healing, joy, and power.

Sexy-Flex, my expression of Tantra, allows you a comfortable, yogic, environment to explore the potency of your sexual juiciness.

Tailored to your experience level, our customized class includes postures and practices to bring new energy into your love-making, and life in general, such as:

* Fun sexy mobility exercises for the hips so more energy can flow through.
* Yoga to increase the intelligence and sensitivity of the pelvic floor (better sex and stronger orgasms!).
* Ecstasy breathing to raise sexual energy and heal blockages.
* Partner yoga for love, connection, and erotic aliveness (if you bring a partner).

Sessions are clothing-on and do not have a genital focus. If you're coming alone it will be more tapping into your own sexuality than exploring and sharing it with me. 

Days: $160/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $185/hr
Weekend Premium: $200/hr

3. Sexuality & Intimacy Coaching

Coaching for one person or lovers. Whether you want to prioritize sex again, discover new ways to experience pleasure, practice asking for what you want sexually, or learn ways to sustain mutual love and sexual passion for a lifetime, - I'm here to help.

I offer talk-style coaching on any aspect of sexuality and relationships, and a tool-box of intimacy and sensuality-enhancing exercises from the realm of Tantra.

Couples might do sensual, PG-touch practices, or learn communication techniques, relax with easy partner yoga, or brainstorm solutions to issues together that they can integrate at home. Singles do much of the same thing, but focus on themselves in the session rather than the connection with another.

I have helped hundreds of singles and couples deepen their capacity for pleasure, intimacy, relaxation, and sexual fulfillment. (Note: While there is no genital work in my sessions, I can provide coaching on genital-related challenges and concerns).

Days: $160/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $185/hr
Weekend Premium: $200/hr

4. Meditative Loving Touch

I love teaching relaxing yoga, especially with cannabis enhancement. I love coaching people on sex issues, and facilitating sexy yoga. My third love is touch.

In these bodywork sessions, I use the intimacies of sacred, sensual, and relaxing bodywork to move you into a receptive experience of unconditional love.

The end result is an experience of heightened relaxation, pleasure, and deeper joy.

Let go of conditioning about what a 'sensual' massage is, and receive a nurturing and full-body treatment that is sensually enlivening and deeply revitalizing. By bringing consciousness out of our heads and sexuality out of the genitals, we fill and fuel the whole body, engendering wholeness, ecstatic relaxation, and peaceful vitality.

* No genital or anal touch.

Days: $250/hr
Evenings & Weekends: $400/hr
Weekend Premium: $450/hr

* My rates subsidize those who can't afford them; I offer limited pay-by-means daytime sessions for women with financial need. Please inquire.


"Tantra Partner Yoga was perfect. Dee keeps things smoothly flowing. We did some easy partner yoga before learning how to sensually feed each other chocolate. My favorite part was when each partner took turns giving each other an infused oil massage. It was a great class to bond with my partner and I left feeling fantastic. " - Jazmin